Time Shooter 3: SWAT Unblocked: A Review of the Epic FPS Game

What is Time Shooter 3: SWAT Unblocked?

Time Shooter 3: SWAT Unblocked is a first-person shooter game where your movement affects time. It is the sequel to Time Shooter 2 and takes inspiration from the game SuperHot. You can play it for free on various websites that offer unblocked games, such as CrazyGames, DooDooLove, and Google Sites.

How to Play Time Shooter 3: SWAT Unblocked?

The game controls are simple and intuitive. You can use WASD or arrow keys to move, left-click to shoot or pick up weapons, right-click or R to throw weapons, and F to pick up or throw shields. The game has several levels where you have to eliminate all the orange enemies and free the hostages. The game has a unique feature that makes time move only when you move, which allows you to dodge enemy attacks and plan your strategy. You can also use various weapons and shields to your advantage.

What are the Features and Challenges of Time Shooter 3: SWAT Unblocked?

Time Shooter 3: SWAT Unblocked has many features and challenges that make it an exciting and addictive game. Some of them are:

  • Epic slow-mo gunfights in 3D
  • Various weapons to do damage with
  • Several new features and challenges
  • Play for free in your web browser

The game also has some new elements that make it different from the previous Time Shooter games. For example, the enemies are now terrorists who have acquired official SWAT gear like riot shields, helmets, and body armor. You have to use your best tactical abilities to take them down and save the hostages. The game also has more realistic graphics and sound effects that enhance the gameplay experience.


Time Shooter 3: SWAT Unblocked is a fun and thrilling game that tests your skills, dexterity, and accuracy. It is a great game for fans of FPS games who want to enjoy some action and adventure without any restrictions. If you are looking for a game that will keep you entertained and challenged, you should definitely try Time Shooter 3: SWAT Unblocked.

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